Sokol Energy Services


The Sokol Energy team has vast experience, reach, and expertise in the oilfield services industry.  Our track record of success in the industry speaks for itself, and allows us to offer premium services in an efficient and cost effective manner to the customer.  Since 1955, the Sokol family has been specializing in downhole fishing and rental equipment.  Now, nearly 60 years later, we are offering not only fishing and rental, but expanded into Rig Services, Directional Drilling, and MWD equipment.

Below is a brief list of our areas of expertise:

Fishing Services – open hole or cased hole

Rental Tools – drill pipe, tubing,

Casing Exits – one trip or conventional whipstock solutions

Thru-Tubing – drillouts and fishing

Rig Services – 650 Horsepower Rig, Set up to drill up to 9,000′

Directional Drilling – Directional Drilling Services for horizontal wells

MWD Services – specializing in horizontal wells

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