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Sokol Energy Services was founded by Jeffrey (Jeff) D. Sokol, to provide the highest quality services to the oil and gas industry in the forms of equipment, consulting, and intervention.

The Sokol family has been in the oilfield fishing and rental tool industry since 1955, with Desmond (Whitey) Sokol, and Pioneer Fishing Services. His career eventually led to his two sons, Brian and Billy, both becoming fishing tool supervisors and eventually executives in the industry. Brian Sokol owned Fishing Tools, Inc. and after he sold it in 1998, started Knight Fishing Services for Eddie Knight of Knight Oil Tools, based in Lafayette, Louisiana. With a focus on quality equipment, safety, and personalized service; Knight Fishing Services quickly became a strong force competing in the fishing tool industry all over the USA.

After literally growing up around fishing and rental equipment, and trying to live up to the high standards of quality and excellence set forth by those before him, Jeff Sokol joined the fishing tool industry in 2000.  In 2005, he became one of the youngest professional fishing tool supervisors in the USA.  After years of working for other fishing tool companies like Knight Fishing Services and Weatherford Int’l, Jeff decided to bring back the tool quality and personal customer service to the industry, and started Sokol Energy.

With nearly 60 years of experience being handed down, the Sokol family continues to put high value on quality equipment, safety, and personal customer service.  Unlike other companies, the executives at Sokol Energy not only have years of downhole fishing experience, but will still get on the phone in the middle of the night to assist their customers and support their field operators.

At Sokol Energy Services, part of our success comes from constant and thorough communication with our field supervisors.  Our supervisors know that no matter what, they can pick up the phone and call us to discuss their fishing situations.  This translates to higher quality of service to our customers, and through collaboration we can efficiently clean up the well.

“Our job is to remove unwanted objects from the well bore, in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.  This is what we strive for, and through cooperation with our customers, this is what we achieve.” 

Jeffrey D. Sokol, CEO Sokol Energy

Anytime, day or night, rain, snow or shine, Sokol Energy Services will be there for you.

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